How refined oil and wood pressed oil are prepared?

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The modern method of oil extraction which used of refined involves the high supply of heat while in the process of extraction. The oilseed will be crushed and the crushed pulp will be heated at a very high. Heat is added in order to extract all the oil content in the seeds.

Oil has been refined by using chemicals that are harmful to us. In short, it means to ‘purify’. But the meaning of purifying has many definitions. It may mean the oil was treated with acid or purified with an alkali, or bleached. It can also be neutralized, filtered or deodorized. All of which require chemicals like Hexane!

In the process of making and refining these types of oils, it leads to PUFas (rancid polyunsaturated fatty acids) which DO NOT hold up well to high heats. In the process of being extracted from the seed, these oils oxidize and turn into trans fats. The smell is so rancid that a cleaning process has to take place using bleach to deodorize it.

The traditional method of wood pressing or cold pressing involves no external addition of heat. The seeds will be crushed in the wooden axis. Most of the heat generated while extraction will be absorbed by the wooden axis. Also, there is no external solvent added during the process. Organic sesame oil, groundnut oil, sunflower oil are prepared by this method.


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