Wooden Chekku Oil Making Machine Madurai

Wooden Chekku Oil Making Machine Madurai

We are doing a leading role of Wood Chekku Manufacturing Machine In Bangalore, Chennai,Madurai and All Over India. We are proud to inform you that we are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Wood Chekku Machines over decades in Coimbatore, Madurai. We believe in Quality Oriented Product & with state of the art technology. We have established a renowned name as – SS Engineering Works Madurai that has made a major breakthrough in the field of Wood Chekku manufacturing.

Our machine can crush all kind of oil seeds like Sesame, Coconut, Castor, Sunflower, Mustard and Almond. Our high quality products and efficient services to our valued customers have enabled us with sample success. We SS Engineering Works Madurai believe that, sale is not an end of a relationship, but just the beginning of our services. With this belief we destined to bring in products, which are customer oriented. We have the ability to offer you the best value products that meet or exceed expectations all at competitive prices. Approximately more than 5000 small scale entrepreneurs are our valuable customers in All Over India and Abroad.

Specialties of the machine :

  • Heavy Duty Gear Box
  • Gears manufactured by High Carbon Steel
  • Medium Noise and No Vibration Ø 3 HP and 3 Phase Motor
  • Simple Mechanism
  • Easy Maintenance
  • For Foot Rest Use Rubber Mate (1x1x20mm)
  • Power consumption 3 to 5 units/hour
  • Handling Free
  • Ladies can also operate the machine easily
  • Production capacity: For 40 to 60 minutes (appro 6 to 9litres oil)
  • Production capacity is according to the Quality of the type of seeds.

In the earlier days oil was prepared in traditional method using chekku. Bullocks were used to move around the marachekku(wooden pestle) and oil seeds in the chekku were crushed without generating any heat. The same system is replicated by replacing Bullocks with a Motor and Gearbox.The wooden pestle revolves at a speed of 14 rotations per minute. This is to ensure that oil is not heated and no nutrients is lost.

Traditional chekku consist of a fixed stone bottom and the pestle is made up of a wood called “vagai”. In traditional wood chekku, the seeds are crushed with a wooden pestle. There are other types of chekku where the bottom and the pillar is made of steel.

The advantages of wood chekku over steel chekku is that the oil does not heated. Hence the vitamins and minerals are retained.

Benefits of Mara Chekku Oil :

  • The main advantage of cold pressed oil or mara chekku oil is that it has better nutritional benefits as the nutrients do not get destroyed by heat.
  • Cold pressed groundnut oil retains natural anti-oxidants like phytosterol and tocopherol.
  • Cold pressed sesame oil retains liganens, anti-oxidants and polyphenols which act as cholesterol lowering agents and prevents cholesterol.


Wooden Chekku Oil Making Machine Madurai




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