rotory chekku

rotory chekku

chekku rotary machine

Rotary Oil Machine


this machine mad by coasting

machine brand name is SSE

10 hp motor

3phase runner

single man power

automatic machine

13kgs capactiy ( as per requirment we can change the capacity in the machine )

machine rpm is (50 to 60 rpm)

per cycle it will take 20 to 30 mints

oil comes under 100 degree c

machine weight is (approx 800 to 1 ton)

this machine can run 24 7 hours

in this machine we can use all kind of nuts

its an industrial based business

machine coast is 2,10,000

machine space capacity 200 sq .ft

L X W H (6 x 2 x 5 feet )

machine making by our own company

machine deliver time 20 days from the order date

1year warrenty  and no warrenty for electrical parts

service will be do in ur place itself .