Hydraulic Paper Plate Making Machine Single Die Machine GULBARGA Karanataka

chekku rotary machine

specification: this machine mad by coasting machine brand name is SSE 10 hp motor 3phase runner single man power automatic machine 13kgs capactiy ( as per requirment we can change the capacity in the machine ) machine rpm is (50 to 60 rpm) per cycle it will take 20 to 30 mints oil comes under […]

wood chekku machine

wood chekku machines

specfication : wood chekku machine is made by wood .. machine rate is 155000. this machine runs under electrical based . it contain 4 pullys. machine brand name is SSE. machine rpm is 25 to 30 rpm . machine capacity is 15kgs (as per requirment kgs will be changeĀ ). 3hp motor (3 phase ) . […]