Hydraulic Paper Plate Making Machine Single Die Machine GULBARGA Karanataka

chekku rotary machine

specification: this machine mad by coasting machine brand name is SSE 10 hp motor 3phase runner single man power automatic machine 13kgs capactiy ( as per requirment we can change the capacity in the machine ) machine rpm is (50 to 60 rpm) per cycle it will take 20 to 30 mints oil comes under […]

wood chekku machine

wood chekku machines

specfication : wood chekku machine is made by wood .. machine rate is 155000. this machine runs under electrical based . it contain 4 pullys. machine brand name is SSE. machine rpm is 25 to 30 rpm . machine capacity is 15kgs (as per requirment kgs will be changeĀ ). 3hp motor (3 phase ) . […]

areca leaf plate making machine 6 dies with single power pack

areca plate making machine 6 dies single power pack 2hp motor machine having capacity to run 8 die machine low power loss noices single manpower requirement alone heat controler and indicator per die per hour we can make 56 to 60 plates production small scale industries based bussiness fully natural productes use and through plates […]