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SS Engineering Areca Plate Machines

rotory chekku

chekku rotary machine

Rotary Oil Machine


this machine mad by coasting

machine brand name is SSE

10 hp motor

3phase runner

single man power

automatic machine

13kgs capactiy ( as per requirment we can change the capacity in the machine )

machine rpm is (50 to 60 rpm)

per cycle it will take 20 to 30 mints

oil comes under 100 degree c

machine weight is (approx 800 to 1 ton)

this machine can run 24 7 hours

in this machine we can use all kind of nuts

its an industrial based business

machine coast is 2,10,000

machine space capacity 200 sq .ft

L X W H (6 x 2 x 5 feet )

machine making by our own company

machine deliver time 20 days from the order date

1year warrenty  and no warrenty for electrical parts

service will be do in ur place itself .


New Category Name wood chekk machine wood chekku machine

wood chekku machines

wood chekku machine

specfication :

wood chekku machine is made by wood ..

machine rate is 155000.

this machine runs under electrical based .

it contain 4 pullys.

machine brand name is SSE.

machine rpm is 25 to 30 rpm .

machine capacity is 15kgs (as per requirment kgs will be change ).

3hp motor (3 phase ) .

machine (l 6 x w 2 x h 5.5 feet ).

single man power required.

all kind of nuts can be used in this machine .

per cycle it will take 30 to 45 mints .

power requirment for per cycle 2 to 3 units .

machine weight is 750kgs (approx).

if well dry nuts means per kgs we can get 300ml to 350ml (approx).

its full of organic product.

oil temparature is 30 degree c.

its based on SSI .home based business .

we can run this machine 24 x 7 .

if rpm rate is heigh means oil will be heat high. we cant use that oil for more days .

machine space capacity 200 sq ft.

Other Details:

delivery time 10 to 15 days from order day .

1 year machine warrenty .

service  and demo free of charges (in your home place itself) .

payment 50% advance and balance payment at the time of machine delivery .






leafe plate making machine 6dies

areca leaf plate making machine 6 dies with single power pack

areca plate making machine 6 dies

single power pack

2hp motor

machine having capacity to run 8 die machine

low power

loss noices

single manpower requirement

alone heat controler and indicator

per die per hour we can make 56 to 60 plates production

small scale industries based bussiness

fully natural productes

use and through plates once use only

5 tone peresser

750 kgs to 800 kgs weight of the machine

space want to place the machine 10 x 10 requirment is enough

we can make all kind of plates ,bowels ,spoon ,cups,glass ,etc …., by changing of dies in this machine

25 lts oil tank capacity  ( 1 1/2 yrs life time for oil )




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