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Areca Leaf Plate Making Machine Manual Type

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Areca Leaf Plate Making Machine

Manual Type – I

Specifications :

  • Up to 4 inch to 12 inch Plate manufacturing capacity
  • Body Type : Full MS Steel Body
  • Height : 4.5 feet
  • Size : 2 x 2 feet
  • Production capacity : 1200/8hrs
  • Electrical 8mm Tubular heater type with auto control
  • Electrical wooden box type
  • Pressing : Leg operation
  • Heat Control : Auto Regulating Controller
  • Aluminium Die & MS Die
  • Heater Capacity : 3500w

Manual Type – II

Specifications :

  • Up to 3 inch to 14 inch Plate Manufacturing capacity
  • Body Type : MS steel
  • Height : 5 feet
  • Size : 2.5 x 2.5 feet
  • Production Capacity : 1200/8hrs
  • Electrical 10mm Tubular heater type with auto control
  • Electrical Panel box type
  • Pressing : Leg Operation
  • Heat Control : Auto regulating controller
  • Aluminium Die
  • Heater capacity : 4000w

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